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I use regal ice. Lol plus i do all the things you said, so will eliminate doing them, see how that turns out. Thank you.
Can anyone help with this problem I seem to find on my cakes. It's like elephant skin, small cracks, is it the fondant I use or am I using to much powdered sugar when rolling the fondant out. The cracks are only ever small and always around the top edges of the cake.
You can do, I recently bought a Wilton cake leveller to cut evenly through cakes and level the tops, as they always come out domed. But the best way I have found to get your cake level and flat when it comes out of oven is to use a same size tin and gently push it on the cake holding it there for a while, when you lift it off it will be nice and flat a level. I tend to bake how ever many layers I need, which is always two. Not to keen on cutting them all in half, but it...
Thank you for your response, it's a 12 inch and 10 inch cake. I live in England and I don't think we do the price per serving, will have to check on that one. I will also look into the software as that sounds interesting and helpful.
I would do the same apologise for him not liking the cake, but I would not refund anymore money, you have already done a good will gesture on delivery. There will always be someone that claims that the cake was dry, not right, trying on there luck. It's hard to please almost everyone. I'm sorry that you have had to experience that one bad complaining customer, from what you have explained it sounds that his complaints are not justified.
You can always do three layers to the 8 inch, but it would save you time when baking if you find the 3 inch depth or even 2 inch. I have always got mine off eBay, they are reasonable on price. In fact I get almost all my supplies off eBay, as I have found that cake supply shops are very expensive.
Where in the uk are you from? I live in Devon. I agree that starting off with one layer, then two is a good idea, that's how I started off and I found that if you can crack one layer, then two, the principle is the same for how ever many tiers you try.
It seals all the crumbs, so that you can get a smother finish to the cake, I learnt all this from you tube as well. Type in crumb coating a cake, and it will brings loads of videos up on it. Xx
I make 2 10 inch cakes, in 3 inch deep tins, buttercream them together, then I crumb coat the tier in buttercream, let that dry off slightly. Then coat again in a thick layer of buttercream and smooth it. Then I fondant. But again that's just how I make my cakes.
Yes I think that is the key, more practise at different shapes and design, to help build up my confidence. Thanks for your reply and I will post the next cakes I make.
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