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Thanks. That makes sense to put supports in before fondant.
I would like to know when using acrylic seperators on cakes how can I avoid the doweling holes that are created when putting in the supports of the cake. Obviously the weight of cake on seperators still needs the supports in cake underneath but I always put the doweling, buba straws into cake after I have fondant it. So this is going to show underneath the clear acrylic plate. Also do I only need to dowel to the diameter of the acrylic plate? Many thanks in advance for...
Thank you. I have checked out you tube and there are lots on roses, which have helped me loads. Thanks
Hi everyone, I'm after some tips on how to make a perfect rose. What are the best techniques to create a realistic rosé? Is it best to use petal cutters? Or are there ways to make a rosé without petal cutters. I have to make roses to go on a engagement cake, I have tried making them before but I was not happy with the outcome. Is it a case of practise makes perfect? Thanks Nina
Try rolling out slightly thicker. Might help stop the icing from tearing.
Well done, good first attempt.
I will try all the suggestions you have all kindly shared. Massive thank you.
Yes I have thought about it, and agree that it would not be fair to call and waste their time so I will do my research in other ways like websites. Thank you for your response.
Post a picture for me on here when you finished, and any other questions, I will try to help with. Good luck.
Yeah I don't think England tend to charge for cakes by the serving, but I will do some calling around bakeries and other cake makers in my area to see how they charge, I got a feeling it will just be a amount in pounds. Thanks for all your advice.
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