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To clarify I'm not using the superhero ideas on the cakes.. it acutally is going to be flowers. However she likes the look of the tiers with the wedges in the center.. THAT is what I'm trying to figure out. I am honestly afraid that the cakes will slide right off of their cake boards!
I have a lady who wants a cake to look like the picture below.. but a different theme.. I have never made a cake stand like this and not sure how to go about it.... it looks like Styrofoam in the middle..not sure about the angle and how to hold cake in place on the angle..Any and all hints tips would be appreciated.
I actually took in some tinted fondant to try and find a ribbon that would match the shade of fondant.. Backwards I know..
I add a tablespoon of light corn syrup to my MMF before adding the sugar.. Makes it pliable. When tinting I the color to the liquid mm before adding the sugar justs makes life sooo much easier.
Thanks!. They are super easy to make. I sacrificed a rose petal cutter to make the cutter for them.
I have to agree with everyone. I have environmental asthma. There are basically 2 things that trigger it. Smoke and misty, rainy weather. Because of this I am supersensitive to smoke and can tell who is a smoker and who isn't. Even washing your hands, short of wearing gloves you are going to have trace amounts of smoke on your hands that will transfer to the cake, frosting and decorations. Remember that even though cigarettes have filters, they are filtering out tar and...
I had thought about using ganache, tiill the bride mentioned that she hates chocolate  Here is the cake.. I ended up using the brides kitchen in her hotel room to assemble the cake. I had to drive an hour and half on highway.. NO WAY was I driving it assembled.        
Had my second ever wedding cake and of course it was a last minute cake. The wedding planner had told me that I would have a room for the cake and would only have to take the cake outside just to have bride and groom cut it.. YEAH RIGHT...From the getgo things were off.. they were running 2 hours late.. NO room for me to set up cake.. Its raining, the party is in a tent and I have a 4 tiered fondant covered cake with gumpaste flowers.. did I mention that it was 93 and...
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