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HI Deb, I'm so sorry to hear about your lyme disease; I hope you and your husband really get better soon.   Thanks for the advise regarding the food handling course. You are very detailed when you explain things and I really appreciate that. Not to mention that you're patiently doing it while you're having health problem.   Feel better, Chat  
Thanks Deb for your reply. You and Sweetales are great inspirations for me.   I think I want to rent a commercial kitchen for now. I actually found one which is about 20 minutes drive from my place. They charge $25/ hr, and they also have daily rates. They have a commercial oven and walk-in fridge. They will also provide me a storage for my stuff. I'm going there tomorrow and they will give me a tour of the place; I'm soooo excited.   By the way, can you...
Thanks Jason for your kind reply. I'm so happy to hear that health departments are allowing commercial home-based kitchen. I came across a story about this person who said that he wanted to build a space (or turn an existing space in his house) for a commercial kitchen but he was not allowed because it's attached to his house. Maybe this person is from a very strict state.   Thanks again, Chat  
Wow Deborah, what an exciting home-based kitchen you have in FB. But I'm wondering how did you get an approval from your state? I live in NJ and they said it's not legal to bake at home for business.   I just want to do cake decorating, and maybe some specialty cupcakes too. Is there a way that I can do these at my house?   Thanks for your time.   Chat
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