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Hello Fam   Question, I am mixing a large quantity of cake batter and don't think my mixer can handle it all at one time.  Can I make half the batter and set it a side while I start on the second half of the batter?   Will it be safe for batter to sit for about 5 to 6 minutes before going into the oven?    Thanks! Bakersguy   BTW-YOU ALL ROCK!!!!!!
Hello All   I was just watching a video and heard something that made me reach for clarity from some of the most knowledgeable bakers I know!  Family I need help with this one.   Someone said to me  "Do not grease and/or flour side of cake pans," doing this will cause your cakes to NOT rise properly".   Now I am new at this and have soooo much to learn but has anyone ever heard this before?     Thanks! Bakersguy
Hey CC Family Just a quick post to see if anyone has experienced this problem. The last three cakes I made from the Duncan Hines Classic Yellow has baked up with a hard crust/shell on top of it! The cake underneath is sometimes cooked and sometimes not! It is so strange! I have calibrated my oven, used room temp ingredients, used WASC, everything I could think of. But still the same problem. My question is has anyone experience this problem and if so how did you...
Thanks a million!   I knew I could count on my CC family for the answers.
Hey CC Family   Quick question regarding the crumb coat.  I am doing a birthday cake and the cake will be a vanilla cake with pink buttercream frosting.  If my cake is going to be frosted in pink, should be my crumb coat be the same color (pink) or can I use a regular white buttercream as the crumb coat?    Not sure what to do.  Any thoughts, advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks a million!
I don't know what I was thinking/doing or anything.  Crumbs in my frosting, left off the word day on Birthday, the writing, I don't even want to talk about! lol.  
Thanks a million scorpio1966 & ddaigle, feeling much better about this now!   I knew I could count on my CC family!
Hey Fam!   Question, I have a cake order for Friday but need to head out of town on Friday morning.  Can a cake that has fondant decorations, buttercream frosting and sugar sheet decorations be placed in the freezer for two days?  My plan is to have the entire cake ready Wednesday night (decorated and boxed) but not sure if I can freeze it until it is picked up Friday night.  My main concern is the sugar sheet.   Any tips or advice would be greatly...
Yes Divas Can Cook...Love, love, love this Red Velvet Cake Recipe!  Will definitely be trying some of the others you all have mentioned as well!
        Hello All   For some reason my cakes crumble around the sides. I have attached a picture.  I grease and flour pans as well as use baking strips.  Oven is set at 325 and it is a box mix.  Can someone tell me why this might be happening?       Thanks a million!
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