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Thanks for all the tips!! Especially help with my spelling. I usually dont post without checking first. I will be sure to try them all.
Sorry!! Should have spell checked I meant replys
Thank you so much for your replays and absolutely, they will be of use. I'm glad that I'm not the only one!! I have been afraid to buy fondant for fear it will be waxy tasting like the Wilton brand I have bought before. Any brands to recommend?
I am new to cake central and am really hoping that someone (or a few) can offer me some suggestions on coloring MMF black, grey and metallic silver gold or pearl?  I really want to stick with the white marshmellows.  Someone has suggested to use the chocolate marshmellows so that the color is not so hard to change when going to black.  I  have tried on several different occasions and it never turns black enough.  I also have had the same trouble with making grey.  It...
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