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I know this thread is a few years old, but I wanted to thank you all for your input!  I was finally able to make a PERFECT white chocolate ganache!  It worked for me by using regular cream (US version) and not "heavy whipping cream". 
That Kahlua reductions sounds amazing!
I have been searching for an icing recipe that has a strong marshmallow flavor to use as a filling and and a crumb coat on a fondant cake with a smores theme. The one I am leaning toward is essentially a 7-minute icing. From what I can find, this is essentially the first stage of a SMBC just before adding the butter. My only concern is will this hold up well under MMF? Thank you in advance for any advice!
I have made my first MMF batch and have been trying to work with it.  I LOVE it so much more than Wilton but I find it much stickier.  When I first start working it it's OK, but as it warms it gets REALLY sticky and I need to use a lot of Crisco.  I'm afraid all the Crisco will make the fondant droop and be more likely to tear. Is it possible to use too much Crisco? 
LoL!  That made me chuckle.  Just goes to show that your branding can be as important as your product. 
Along the same topic...what should I do to determine if the name is already in use outside of doing an internet search?  If it is in use but not anywhere near my area (for example, I live in TX and the only use I can find is somewhere on the east coast) could I still consider it a contender?  Do I need to/should I see if the name is a registered business name in some national context or just local?  If a name is registered for business use I imagine it is registered in a...
I have never used fondant before and am hoping all you experienced cakers can give me ideas on how to 1) apply the fondant on something like this.  I am assuming the different color/textured layers are created after the cake is completely covered in one sheet of fondant; and 2) how would you suggest creating the bumpy texture in the layer just below the dark brown sliver?    Thank you!!
OK, I've been looking for everyting I can find on "ganache" trying to arm myself to make my first layered cake with!  I think I'm almost ready.  Just one last thing that I'm not confident about:   If I use buttercream everything I've seen suggests building a "dam" just inside the edge of every layer (similiar to outlining when decorating cookies with royal icing) then filling inside that dam with your chosen filling or slightly thinner buttercream (similar to...
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