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It's the one using boiling water. I just added the cream cheese without removing any of the original ingredients.   Will try your method. Just to confirm that my understanding is correct-you added cream cheese twice, 1st time, you add in the cream cheese together with the butter, 2nd time, at the end of the recipe? Is your 4-8oz based on the full recipe?   Thanks!
Hi Jemchina   I tried to add cream cheese to the Whimsical Bakehouse House Buttercream but the buttercream curdled. Are you referring to the Whimsical Bakehouse House Buttercream? the one which uses shortening?   How much weight of cream cheese did you add in and when did you add in the cream cheese? Did you subtract any ingredients when adding the cream cheese?   Thanks so much...
No. I used normal shortening as I am not able to purchase hi-ratio shortening from where I am located. Does using hi-ratio shortening eliminate the grittiness?   Thanks
Hi   Need some advice here. I made Whimsical Bakehouse House Buttercream (the one which requires shortening) recently. I read online that the buttercream is non-gritty. However, the buttercream which I made, though soft and fluffy, is gritty.   Anyone has any idea why the Whimsical Bakehouse House Buttercream which I made is gritty?   Thanks
Hi Any advice from anyone on how to make whoopie pies which are smooth and not flat? Really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
actually, the whoopie pies made from Wicked Whoopies recipe taste pretty nice, just that they are flat and break easily. So I must be careful when filling and eating the whoopie pies with filling.   What a coincidence, I just made some whoopie pies from . The whoopie pies cracked...   I scooped the flour into a meassuring cup and levelled it. Is this correct?   I realised that if the batter is runny, the whoopie pies are more likely...
I measure the flour before sifting. I used crisco and I used crisco and unsalted butter bought from my baking store.
the recipe is an actual whoopie pie recipe. I got it from the internet: According to the website. this recipe is from Wicked Whoopies. This is the first time I am trying this recipe and so I followed it exactly to see how it turns out.
thanks for the advice. I was making chocolate whoopie pies. I tried to reduce the amount of hot water and the whoopie pies cracked on the top. I have tried several recipes for chocolate whoopie pies and they all cracked, some, very seriously. I am now very disappointed and frustrated. But I am determined to make a smooth and delicious whoopie pie. Any tips?
Hi   Need some advice   Recently I tried to make some whoopie pies. In addition to buttermilk, the recipe requires a cup of hot water. The batter was very runny and it immediately spread out when I scopped it on the baking sheet. The whoopie pies turned out to be very flat.   What is the purpose of the hot water? Should I not add hot water at all so that the batter is not runny?   Thanks
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