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Hmm, i have never tried baking cheesecake. But its worth a try!
Hmm , yeah sure ! But its okay to sub other cream cheese for that specific branding right?
I have been finding one no bake oreo cheesecake without gelatin and whipped cream because i have 1kg of cream cheese in the fridge waiting to be used . And since my family enjoy oreo, i thought of making em with ingredients laying around.
hi guys , title says it all . trying to keep recipe simple . much appreciated !
Hey guys , so I am trying to make an non-bake oreo cheesecake . yes , its easy stuff .  BUT ,   what i am trying to find out is , i was asked to use 7.2 Oz of golden state whipped light cream . and i was wondering if using 7 oz of whipping cream could subtitute the Canned whipped cream .     is the conversion correct ?   7 Oz whipped cream =  7 Oz whipping cream ?     meanwhile , Does anyone has a good recipe for non-bake oreo cheesecake...
Ah, thank goodness, i finally found an answer. Thank you so much! it really hurts sitting around all day at home turning 17 soon, not in schl and not getting answers.
Sorry for the unspecific question. Hmmm, i am currently trying to make cake pops. And some deco that i am trying out uses cocoa butter as 'paint' to draw the details out. So apparently i found cocoa butter, but i am not sure what kind of colouring can i mix with so it becomes coloured cocoa butter and not turn out bad. I was wondering if wilton candy colouring can be mixed into the cocoa butter i melted and somehow make into paint to deco on my cake pop. i checked and...
Hi, i have been looking around the net trying to find out if i could use wilton candy colouring on cocoa butter to get 'paint' for my cake pop. The wilton candy colouring is oil based. Or should i use icing colouring ?
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