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I'm saying if I did go through with his order it would be a kitchen cake, my "kitchen" cakes are stacked and would need a stand... he would have not agreed to the kitchen cake because he wants a more dolled up cake.. Hope that makes more sense..
Yes it would have been a kitchen cake. Maybe some simple decorated cupcakes for bridal party is what I would have sent him pics of.
Thanks for rhe tips
    Sadly i go a client with 300 guest with a budget of 150.00
TRUE DAT! I love CC members...... most 
  I'm investigating  *Googles his email addresses* 
To answer your question no.. Hmm makes me wonder now..
So i wasn't crazy when i showed my bestie the email and told her i think its a competitor! She told me to take a brake from making 10 batches of fondant lol! Assuming i was loosing it.
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