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I bought ML pans from them and they were received warped...not terribly, though. I called, got the same run around...I found it to be really annoying. I just kept them rather than dealing with them. My guess is that they are able to keep their costs lower than other retailers by making it a pain for people to return stuff they don't need anymore or just have too much of something.
If anything, contact the manufacturer. They would probably want to know if there is a defect in their product...and most likely they will get you some coupons for free product.
..and by two-step ( I'm confusing dancing and cakes) I meant two-stage...or reverse creaming as Annie mentioned.
I have used this method before many times, I believe it's called the two step method?!? Rose Levy uses this method in the Cake bible, but without the oil. Sweetopolita has a similar recipe too. I personally really like this method, but recently the chemical taste of the cake flour has been bothering me. (But I'm pregnant, so everything bothers me. lol) I just tried Three Little Black Birds vanilla cake. It was reeeally good, but I am sooo used to the other method I...
Let me know how it turns out next time you bake:)
Well yeah, of course ice crystals will form when liquid is frozen. Freezing for a few days won't freezer burn your cakes, if that's what you are implying. I'd rather wrap while warm than have all that moisture escape.
I use cling wrap, twice around and a single layer of foil and all this being done while the cake is still warm...within 15 minutes of popping out of the oven. I just use simple syrup in a spray bottle. And spray each layer 3-6 times, depending on the size. I don't think the recipe matters, as long as you didn't over bake to begin with. Hth
How exactly did you wrap it? When I used to freeze my butter cakes I would spray them with a sugar syrup after they defrosted. Scratch cakes tend to be drier than box mix cakes and some people may not be used to the difference in texture. I always make sure I taste my cake scraps, I hate the idea of sending off a cake to my friends/family not knowing if it was good. Its one of those things I'm self conscious about. It's a crappy feeling and I hope you'll be able to...
Use a small offset spatula and place the cake on a turntable. Gently put pressure on the cake and turn. Keep turning until you reach the top. Follow me?!
Farmer John. Exactly! I couldn't help but laugh at all the sissies out there. If stuff ever hits the fan and people need to figure out how to grow their own food and provide for their families, they'd be in for a rude awakening. We own a restaurant and always get a good laugh when a customer complaint comes in about finding a bone in their burger. Nothing is perfect. Heck, USDA has an allowance for how many insect parts are allowed in every possible thing that is...
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