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So This was my first attempt at using fondant and making a cake this size. Its a lalaloopsy theme for my daughters 4th birthday. I had originally planned to make the doll on top of the cake from gumpaste and fondant but with her being so young, I figured it would mean more to her for her to be able to take the doll home as a gift. Her being happy means more to me than the crafting of the cake. Let me know what you guys think!  
Ok I'll try that! What is the gum paste to fondant ratio?
Thank you so much! I was wondering about that!
carrascoshannon, thank you! it means more to me to do it myself. I do plan to use marshmallow fondant. I hear the taste is way better than the store bought kind. Thank you for your advice threefifty!!
Im making a lalaloopsy cake for my daughters 4th birthday in a few weeks. Can anyone tell me if its better to use gum paste or fondant to do a doll sculpture and how long in advance can I make it and store until im ready to put it on the cake?
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