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In my opinion, store bought has a bitter taste, whereas marshmallow fondant literally tastes like marshmallows. That's all I'll use!! Oh quick tip, right after you melt the marshmallows, but the coloring in BEFORE you add in the powdered sugar. It's sooo much easier than trying to kneed it in after its made.
Good to know, thanks everyone!!
Stupid question what's HTH? Mainly because I use buttercream under marshmallow fondant and if I don't keep it cold, it sometimes gets droopy. Also, I like the taste of cold cake!!!
Ok, I'm new at not only this sight but the world of caking! NEVER used ganache before. I like to keep my cakes in the fridge while making and after its made. If I use ganache to crumb coat the cakes before I put fondant on it, can I still keep it in the fridge or will it get rock hard?
When I make figures in advance, I do the basic shape in gumpaste and cover it in fondant. I think its easier to "dress" it that way, plus the fondant stays in place better. But with that being said, I use marshmallow fondant so its a softer texture than regular fondant.
Cant wait to hear/see how it turns out!!
I was thinking about carving mini cakes rather than using standard cupcakes, only because I think they'd look more like cups that way. A cup carrier is a good idea, though. Thanks!
Yes, please do. Maybe it would help if you have a freezer you can turn waaay down, get it rock hard so you can work with it easier!?
I know, right!? And for a girl!? I don't ask questions, just make the cakes!!!
I've got an order to make cupcakes to look like red solo cups for a 5yr old little girls bday next weekend. I'm trying to think of the best way to make them stable, since they're going to be traveling about 3 hours. I thought maybe doing it so it looks like the cup is upside down!? Any thoughts??
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