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Yep! That's where I saw it too. When I first talked to Kay, she told me that was a misprint. We should know the exacts soon enough!!! I'm so excited!!
If you go back and read last years bill, the limit was $50k not $5k.
  Here is the update I posted to FB this morning after talking to Kay, his assistant. We will not know what is going into the bill until he talks to the caucus and I am not sure when that is supposed to happen. I assume after session begins.   Update! I spoke with Kay, Sen. Glover's secretary, about meeting with him personally go present the petition to him and talk about what we would like to see in the bill. She said he would be glad to meet with us but it's hard to...
  Thank you for signing the petition! It is the same one on the FB page. You can share the page with your friends, write letters, and make calls! All the info to contact Sen. Glover is on the page. Thank you!
  Thank you! That helps a lot. Sounds like a lot of what I said in my interview with our local paper. It really is a win-win for everyone.
  Would you be willing to share your letter? Or help us create a form letter to make it easier on people?   Also,  we have been contacted by the Huntsville Times. They are going to do a story on it. Where are you located, Cakeymom? If you are in North Alabama, I would love for you to add your perspective! I could have the reporter call you. She did ask if there was anyone else worth talking to and since you were heading up the movement last year I think your input would...
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  What would the petition be for? From speaking with other states and seeing what they have done, it appears they had the petition to get the bill written. Since we already have that in work, I am not sure what the petition would be for but maybe I am missing something. I am totally for doing whatever we need to to get this done!!
  I couldn't have said it better myself! I do think there will be a huge influx of bakers in the beginning but I also think most of them will fizzle out. However, without this law none of us will get the chance to try it out before investing tons of money into a business that eventually fails or we decide it wasn't for us. 
You're welcome! Please help me spread the word!  
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