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Thank you!! Newbaker55 you have been a big help Back to basics for me
The equivalent Ateco tip to a Wilton 1M tip is #846
Thank guys all ya'll replies sound great.. but to answer.. I would like to use it as a peanut butter consistancy kinda like use it to put some rosettes on a cake.. ya see i only use buttercream to do everything.. other than that i would use whipped ganache.. more lighter and yummier but everyone seems to like buttercream.. but this paticular person wants colored chocolate on her cake.. thus why i am using the white ganache..  
Hello, I am not new to cake decorating or baking, BUT I also have not used just a white ganache frosting either. My question is.. will a white ganache be safe to use as the "main" decor on a cake? The cake is to be chocolate, but I want color in it; that is why I am using white ganache. And will it stay.. I am doing a trial run.. but would like your input of how your experiences were with using white ganache as a frosting..
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