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Hi everyone,   I've been asked to recreate the top tier of this cake as the cutter for a cupcake stand for a 21st birthday.   Does anyone have any ideas as to how this might have been done? What kind of icing do you think it is - or is it chocolate?   Any thoughts most appreciated!   Thanks :)
Thanks for all your kind words, everyone! I've just received a beautiful e-mail from the birthday girl's mum and a $30 tip on top of the cake payment "because it was so awesome" so I'm guessing everyone was happy - phew!!!   Now I just have to see how the weather for the next few weekends is going to pan out. Wish us Aussies luck!!!   And Apti - I can see that picture in my mind. It's lovely ;)
  Oh, Apti - the image seems to have dropped off. Can you repost it please!? I'd love to see it :)   Well, all went to plan. The cool change came through on Friday night and I was up at 7 to finish them both off. The fondant on both sweated a little but nothing like I experienced a couple of weeks back.   Thanks again sooo much for your help! Particularly happy with the 21st cake - here it is :)
Thanks From Scratch SF. A stencil might be the way to go! Any suggestions for websites where I might find the one you're talking about? Thank you :)
Thanks for all your replies! I'll have to have a practice!   I'm guessing I'll find some info on how to trace and pipe in the forums?   And any advice on the flowers? I've made Wilton fantasy blooms before but that's the extent of my sugar flower experience!   Thanks again - much appreciated :)
Hi all,   A friend has asked if I would be able to do a cake like this for her wedding in November -     That looks like some fairly intense piping in royal icing to me - am I right!? If so, what is the best way to get it even and looking so perfect!? Would appreciate any advice!   Cheers, Amy
And Apti - I would LOVE some of that cool air if you have any left ;)
Thanks so much for all your help, everyone. It's awesome :) We are in the middle of one of the longest heatwaves we've had for a while here in Eastern Oz so it's quite the challenge! That said, we did have a cooler day (22) on Wednesday so we've had a bit of a break. It was lovely!   It's 37 here today but only expected to be 27 tomorrow so hopefully the cool change comes through sooner rather than later! My plan at the moment is to crumb coat them both tonight and...
Thanks heaps for your help, everyone :)   I have been doing the butter cream then popping them in the fridge to set and then putting fondant on as soon as I take them out. Is that a no-no?   Yes, solite is a vegetable shortening. I'll leave out some of the water when I make it up tonight to make it a bit stiffer. Thanks a lot - I really appreciate it!
I am very much a beginner and almost feel unworthy posting my pics here after some of the beautiful works of art above! I only joined the site yesterday and can already see that I'm going to become well and truly addicted! Anyhoo, here are my two favourites for 2012 (I must learn to take photos with my camera instead of my phone - apologies for the average shots)...     This is my most recent cake - a gluten free mud for a beautiful Christmas Eve birthday girl....
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