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I buy most of my cutters from eBay unless I need something urgently I have only ever had a problem with one item coming from shanghai witch I still haven't received however my money was refunded after I complained. Every thing else came in under a month.
I would charge $130 plus if I had to purchase the toy I would add another $10
You can use hot coffee, chocolate milk or orange juice. Between myself and my mum we have tried all of these instead of alcohol and they work quiet well. The coffee sits with the fruit until it's cool the others sit overnight with the fruit the milk obviously in the fridge.
I've just been asked to make this exact cake but had to turn the customer away as I'm petrified of snakes and its too realistic I felt like such an idiot lol Your cake looks awesome btw
Hey I'm from aus too, use buttercream I use the Wilton recipe and works a treat everytime. 113g softened butter 113g fry master veggie shortening(only Coles sell it) 4 cups sifted icing sugar Vanilla or whatever flavoring 2 to 3 tbs milk Cream butter and shortening Add half the icing sugar beat again Add milk and flavoring beat again Add remaining icing sugar beat until light and fluffy So easy and works a treat and it will hold up using a large star nozzle as this is my...
In my area I charge $30au for 12 standard cupcakes (choc or vanilla) with buttercream icing, depending on how extravagant they want the topper will depend on how much extra I charge
Is it possible that this cake is actually made from a brownie mixture? That being said if it is the outside should be crunchy but the inside super moist and delicious. I too would charge what you usually charge per serving.
Wow $68 I would have started a base price of $150 for a basic butter cake with b/c frosting and that wouldn't include the price of the toppers. I like the sound of the letter aswell
why not use the cupcakes as the wedding favours for everyone to take home and make the cake big enough for everyone to have a small piece at the reception?
Hi I live in Melbourne aus. I use a vegetable shortening from Coles I can't remember the name but it a block in a yellow wrapper located in the fridge section with the lard. Coles only stock it woolworths doesn't. I leave it out over night to soften and is so much easier to use than copha. Both my sister and I have used it and haven't had a complaint yet. Hope this helps a bit.
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