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to get grey fondant: a little black plus (here's the hint) YELLOW! works every time! I use Americolor gel paste, but I'm sure any food coloring will work. Just add little bits at a time until you get the shade of grey you want
Sorry I should have been more specific- what brand of edible ink did you use in your Epson printer? Does anyone have any opinions of icing images edible ink vs kopykake edible ink? Any experiences of one clogging more than the other?
What type of ink did you use?
Hello all! I would like to get some opinions about edible ink cartridges!!!   I purchased my first printer about 2 years ago- an Epson Workforce 30  and KopyKake edible ink cartridges and experienced at LOT of banding. I did a lot of cleaning, trouble shooting etc, still a lot of banding. Forgot about it, then decided to try edible image printing again. I thought maybe because the Epson was on the cheaper side, maybe I should upgrade printers.   I recently bought a...
@MyFairDiva thanks!   Thanks guys! Looks like this is on the right track!
Can anyone tell me what type of greenery (around the border of each tier) this is? The mother of the bride sent me this photo- this is the cake that the bride wants. I cannot find the name of this greenery and its driving me crazy! Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
 As far as I know they ate it the same day
 You are right...I've learned to start growing a tough skin, it was hard at first to understand what having a tough skin was. It's good to remind myself that I'm not the only one here in the community who has gone through this and it will probably happen again later on down the road. Now if it starts happening more often then it should, THEN I have a problem! 
  I couldn't agree with you more! Thank you!
Thanks K8Memphis! I appreciate your kind words!   In fact, thank you everyone for your kind words and has all made me feel better and brought me back down to calm!
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