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Thank you so much for the advice and encouragement
shold they be in 2 inch increments? im also afraid of it looking bad if its too small. its for a baby shoer and I have to put a 2d stollercstanding upbon the top. I appreciate any help.
I live in Florida so it is very humid.  I'll try boxing and wrapping it next time. Thanks.   To make the ears I used fondant with some lolipop sticks inside for support with some of the sticks sticking out so can attach to the cake. But the fondant broke alongside the sticks when they got wet from the condensation.
I am new to fondant cakes and my fondant begins to melt when I take my cake out of the fridge but I'm afraid that if I leave it out, my buttercream will melt.  The cake on my profile picture began melting and the Minnie ears broke off.  My daughter was not happy.  Can someone help with the proper steps to take?
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