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For a great Halloween Purple mix equal amounts of Americolor Regal Purple and Electric Purple. This makes a striking and vibrant deep grape purple like the bat cookie in your picture! Good luck!
Thanks VGCEA! I am excited. We went house hunting last week and found a home in Kingwood!! Love the neighborhood!! My husband will be working at the George Bush Airport, so Kingwood keeps his commute short!. We have never lived in a big city!
Thanks all for your comments and help and support. I love the idea of individually pricing each item and adding it to a base cake price. I used this formula on a recent cake order. I drew up progressively more detailed cake ideas with the last, most intricate ideas being presented last. The customer fell in love with the last drawing and was willing to pay for all the extras! It worked great. I actually got my asking price and the customer was thrilled!      I do not...
ebay has the hexegon dollhouse floor sheets for $6.95 that are 12 x18. Tried to post picture and link but it won't let me since I am new to this forum. Good luck!
Hexagon dollhouse flooring sheets on ebay for $6.99.   dollhousebytherobinsnest
Thanks for all the helpful advise everyone. I have tried to reply, but since I am new to the forum they don't show. I appreciate your answers and am grateful for this forum.
I spent about a week on the sculpting. Then 2 days baking and putting it together. It is not regretted time in any way. I love what I do and each cake grows my business and portfolio. So no real loss. And a very happy customer.  I have been doing this for 20 years, but I am new at it as a business. I have been a stay at home mom since leaving the classroom as a teacher to have my own kids. But my husband was just laid off of his job of 18 years so I need to expand. I...
I have multiple doll house flooring sheets with textures that I use all the time. You can find them at hobby shops. They even have a small selection at Hobby Lobby. I have seen a hexagon shaped floor tile that would work great if you can find it. I have seen it at Hobby Lobby before.  The sheets come in large 14" x 18" pieces! They are recessed on one side and raised on the other. So you have 2 choices! They work great. Good luck!
Yes. I thought around $1200 minimum. I am not new at this. I have 20 plus years experience. And everyone says my cakes are delicious. I am simply new to selling them. I have been a stay at home mom after choosing to leave the the classroom when I had my own kids. But now my husband has been laid off and I need to work. It is hard to get new clients willing to pay when everyone I know is used to getting their cakes for free! But I am a business now and hope to grow enough...
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