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I said I'll hold back on the nutmeg next time but I thought the cake was more moist than the cupcakesActually i will have me another slice now!!!
After a google search I did read that, I was wondering if it happened to anyone using this recipe to figure out if it was the incorporation or the amount of baking soda!???
There's 2 errors google translate really!?!? What didn't u understandAnd no I didn't peel the carrots
I just wanna say I made this as a cake and cupcakes and they were immaculate buy than as im eating a piece of the cake today I notice the carrots turned green do anyone know why? ??? Did this happen to anyine before hellllp!!!
Did anyone try this recipe as cupcakes!?!?!? How did they rise??? For the person who use coconut how much coconut did you use!?? Also if this was used for cupcakes how many cupcakes did it make????
You are awesome!!!! Thank you!!! I thinking imma try to get together a gingerbread cupcake got some work to do tonight!!! Thank u again
Ok So I just got the opportunity to be a vendor at a Christmas event!! And it will be my first vendor event so I'm lost!!!! 1. How do you price at these type of events do you price up or down??? Or keep at normal(keep in mind it's a children event/toy drive) 2. Packaging: am I prepackaging the cupcakes like in single boxes or serving them on napkin when they buy them 3. As per display I plan on selling a variety of things do I put everything out on display or only some...
I've never use the vanilla bean paste hear great things about it though!! For what instances would u use it?!?
I know I have seen this in here before but in some aspects I love change and to try new things there's always something better than the last My go to vanilla extract is Nelson Massey Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract, and I die for their vanilla but do anyone else have a different go to vanilla one that they think is better!!! I believe vanilla extract makes up 80% flavor in a cake!! I wanna hear you all vanilla extract choices!!!
Are you referring to the already prep cake mixes that's just add water?
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