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Thanks LisaPeps that is a great help on the what size cake for 100 people. Loving this site so many helpful tips. Just need to find my way round
Hi new to this site so still looking around. Just started making cakes for family & friends. Been asked to do a 50th birthday cake fot 100 people. Can someone tell me what size cake/cakes i need for this pls. Thanks in advance. Dendee63
Thanks to you all ive done cornstarch and the shortening, so now going to try just the freezer all worked well so far thanks very much. Dendee happy new year.
Thankyou so much Evoir i will give this a go. Thanks again
Hi everyone. can anyone tell me what is the best way to use silicone moulds. Im having real trouble with gettin fondant icing out in one bit. Can anyone help please .
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