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Thanks!  So if I make it like a week and half to 2 weeks before the party, that should be good right?  I just crisco it, saran wrap it and put it in an air tight container, no refridgeration?  Thank you!!
I am making the cake on August 9th, which is when i will be using the fondant.  How far in advance an i Make it and How would i store it if I made it in advance.  I've only made it the same day i was using it.  Thanks!!
Sorry.  I mean on a tier.  Like the one on this cake.
Hi everyone!  I'm very new at this.  I am taking the wilton courses and have been doing pretty good at the whole cake thing.  I want to make a sock moneky cake for my sons first birthday in August.  I know it's early, but i need to practice first to decide if i am actually going to do this, lol.  I was wondering how do you get the argyle look on the fondant?  I found some images online, but not sure if i am allowed to upload here to show you all what i am talking about. ...
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