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Thanks NY and Jersey Ladies! Appreciate the info.
To me this looks like colored piping gel.  Perhaps they drew the grumpy lady by hand or projects the image onto the cake and outlined with black piping gel and then filled in with colored piping gel. 
I would also go with pre-colored red fondant. This cake (made in 2009 - during my ghetto cake decorating days) was made with Wilton Red and Buttercream (Had to use to entire jar of red - and people were practically pooping red)       This Red - is purchased red fondant (skills improved in 2010)  
Hi - I'm a Jersey girl and was looking at a few of the courses at the Internationl Culinary Center (Formerly the French Culinary Institute) in NYC. Has anyone taken any "non-credit" classes there?   I've only taken 1 class- an intro to cake decorating course by Wilton - which was a waste of my time. I started working in an italian bakery when I was 13 yrs old - worked for 3...
I bought a cricut cake last year (2011) and it's still in the box. I've read horrible reviews - but since I love my cricut expression for cards and tag making , I figured I would give it a whirl - well almost 12 months later it still sits boxed up in my basement. I'm looking to buy some icing sheets from icing images, but would like to use them for more than just printing. I'm not interested in buying another cutting machine - (hello divorce) just trying to figure out a...
I would also love some instruction. Silver leaf looks intimidating! Thank you for all of the recommendations.
I looked up a video on the agbay - wow it's pretty amazing! I used the Wilton in the past, but now I just use a fat daddio enormous serrated knife and cut/level by eye.
Thanks for the great find!!
Can anyone recommend a technique to get fondant/gumpaste/royal icing to be very silver?? I've used luster dust (painted wet with vodka) and I'm not impressed. Do I need to breakdown and buy an airbrush machine? Please share your advice and tips for getting your goodies to be truly silver. Thanks!
Are you considering cookie pops - like a proper bouquet? Or are you just wrapping the cookies in cello bags individually and selling in a box? You have me thinking now....
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