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  Love it when I learn something new - voilet food coloring helps keep buttercream white? Amazing..
  still too expensive :( Have you ever used an Avantco?
I'm a bit bummed, my KitchenAid Prof. 6 QT mixer was just sent out for repairs.  It was making an absolutely ridiculous (and kinda frightening) noise. It's not under warranty so I've sent it back to diagnose and then they'll let me know what it is going to cost to fix.   I'm a hobby 3F's (Free, Friends, Family) baker so I only own one mixer.  I'm now trying to convince my husband that I need a backup, perhaps the Artisan by KitchenAid because I love the pivoting head...
Great thread! I've been lurking today (procastinating writing documentation) and this has me interested. As a chemistry nerd I never took well to physics, but this might change my mind!
  But what if she makes it from a Hello Kitty cake pan? Is she then not infringing on the copyright?
Thanks for the input
Any new revelations on this thread? I'm about to get into gumpaste flowers (have only made bc flowers in the past. What about cloth covered wires? Or is that the same as floral wire?
Going to spend 2013 researching/testing/experimenting and making a few "special" cakes here and there (next up: Hello Kitty cake) Last cake made: 1st birthday for a best friend's daughter.  She wanted red and light blue with a wintery feel - no penguins or snowmen allowed!  Cupcakes were made with leftover batter. Wish I took a few pictures at home, but I was rushing out the door. (For those who have food safety concerns, no disco dust was used on this cake, letters...
I was watching "Modern Buttercream" on Craftsy (love Free tutorials) and Josh Russell (instructor) cut the sides of his cake. I've never ever seen or done this and was wondering if this is customary? Perhaps my DH cake mix is less dry than his from-scratch mix.
k8 - you think they were going for shabby chic and not lazy? I've never seen a bc cake iced so messily!
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