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It went well for the first cake! It wasn't as great as a bakery but it was a good experience.       
I was going to make it with butter, whipping cream and vanilla.   I live in Tx. It recently snowed. We are such whimps when it comes to cold weather. 80 is for my daughter, she gets sick easily.   Do I just rewrap and fridge it after fondant or rewrap and leave it in room temp?
if i do it all tonight how do I store the fondant cake without spoiling it? our heater is on 80 at home. I dont think keeping it in room temperature will help
I am doing a two tier round cake.
thanks for all the help! I just finished baking. I will let it cool down and then wrap it! Should I cut the top off before wrapping it ?
No I don't I need to get it by this afternoon I was going to get the store bought fondant, satin ice. Thankfully since her birthday is a winter wonderland theme i have already located premade fondant decorations
Long story short. The baker never got my order, and won't be in to discuss details until tomorrow , the day of her birthday party. I haven't baked for years. I have researched all night online and I still have lots of questions.Vi want to make a fondant cake. Should I wait until tomorrow to bake and assemble everything? How long does it take for the cake to cool? Should I crumb coat it and then stick it in the freezer for twenty minutes before placing fondant on...
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