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math was never my forte, so thanks for the equation.  My husband on the other hand is a math wiz, so I'll give this to him and let him figure it out =)
I have someone who will build me cupcake stands, but i need to figure out dimensions of the actual stand to fit 17-18 dz cupcakes all together.  The top tier will have a 6" cake on top (so a 8" round top tier), so i won't be able to fit any cupcakes on top, so that leaves me with 4 tiers to fit around 216 cupcakes.  What are the next 4 tier sizes i would need?  is there a website that has this information? also, they will be round.  Thanks everyone for you help!
it takes a lot of time to do cake pops, and scroll work is even more work. i say you're pretty much on target.  BUT you will always find customers who are hoping to get something as cheap as they get, so if they're not happy, don't take it as an offense.  they need to realize that time is a lot of your cost.
WAIT!!!!!  you order from Jennifer Dontz?!?!?!?!? You're kidding!!!  I order from her all the time!  I actually got to meet her this past september because we were camping near where she lived!!!  What a small world!  She is seriously such a nice person, and her family is lovely too!  They're so helpful!
omg thank you soooo much!!!!!  this is very helpful!  i meet w/ the client next week and will print these off to see what style she'd like!  
I'm looking for a feather mold to be made w/ melted chocolate and then to go on top of a cupcake.  I've searched a few cake decorating websites and haven't come up w/ anything yet.  HELP!  wedding is in May, so I have time, but i want to order something soon to make sure it's the type of feather the bride wants. 
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