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So it depends on how powerful oven you have, right?
Thanks all your answers. I ll try your advice. Btw, how long does it take to bake a cake? on every recipes it says 20-30 mins however last night I waited for more than 45mins!!!
You made me reconsider again my business plans bc I have a 5 months old son! I think first thing to do is decorating many cakes until I would be able to run a cake business. Thank you! it was like talking to an older sister. Hope you would help me on my cake decorating journey
Wow! 16 years! I wish I were you I am 28 and want to open a cupcake cafe. No idea how many years I need to wait to become an expert at doing cakes!!!
Thanks I ll def try it. Btw, your cake looks awesome. How long have you been making cakes?
Why does a cake get crumbly at the edges?
This is the cake with cream cheese frosting. However it was melting down while piping so couldnt make nice roses
How to make a not-too sweet thick buttercream?
How much glycerine do we need to add?
Wow!!! It looks awesome
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