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Hi Been following this thread for a while finally plucked up courage to ask for a review of 2 of my cakes here goes.   Minion Cake for my daughters best friends 21st Birthday   Thomas the Tank Engine Cake see comments re disaster     Thanks
What a brilliant blog. I've added it to my favourites. Lovely easy to follow tutorials best gerbera tutorialn I've seen well done
I'm in England too and I also googled Tuk n Ruffle- it reminded me of one of those trimmed tissue/toilet roll holders grannys used to have LOL. I agree re the "Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" programme, can't wait for the new one about to start.   In the UK traditional wedding cakes were always fruit cakes complete with marzipan and royal icing. I'll try to find my pictures. I did'nt even eat any of mine cos i hate fruit cake LOL
thanks it does
 Hi It may e just me but i cant see the spreadsheet! can you help please/
Finally made the bears using my new pans see links
 Hi just a general enquiry as I work full time and only make for Family and friends. I just thought I could make cakes when i had time at the weekend and freeze so then when someone wants a cake and I am busy with work during the week i won't feel too stressed lol as i'll have the cake made and just need to decorate
How long is it safe to freeze cakes for? plain cakes no filling or crumcoating?
Hi This might help Wilton do a tasty fill pan set their website gives recipes and how to fill with ice cream   It looks similar to your idea.
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