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Yeah, it looks like most bakeries are charging about $175-$200.   What do you guys think about this one? Any ideas how much this one would cost?
Wow, I contacted my local bakery, and they said they would charge $200 for this cake!!!   I'm a med student. I'm already in so much debt as it is :(
Thank you! :)  
Thank you all so much! It looks like I'll probably be spending around $75 for this cake.   There are so many different cakes on Google images, I can't seem to pick the perfect...
Thanks for the response! I am located in Dallas, Texas, and this cake isn't meant to feed a bunch of people, probably just 2 or 3.
I have never bought a cake before in my life, so to be honest, I don't even know who I'm supposed to go to! So I guess this is a two part question.   1) Who do I go to to make a custom made cake? 2) How much would the cake below cost?   The cake is for my girlfriend, who just got into dental school this week. Thanks, and happy holidays!   Here is a picture:
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