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I'm making my brother in law a chocolate tres leches cake for his wife's baby shower. I will not make the usual soaking wet cake so id like something else besides whipped cream and be able to cover it in fondant. TIA
The ganache was hard and when I say melt it got super sticky and it only happened where the letters where at.
it was in the mid 70s that day, the fondant felt like a firm play dough. When I put them on they were fine, then in like 4 hours the fondant started to melt. I'm going to need to buy a scale then because I measured by volume.
No I didn't since it was just decorations and they were on the top of the cake.
Great info. I too am thinking of getting my permit.
lmao I know this is late but I cant stop laughing! Could it had been my neighbor?
I put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes and took it out before I put the decorations on. Could have there still been some condensation?
On friday I made and covered it with ganache. I put some fondant decorations on it and the next day the fondant started to melt into the ganache. Would this happen if I was to cover a cake with fondant? I really liked how smooth the cake looked but I'm afraid that this will happen again. I used two cups of chocolate chips to one cup of heavy cream, I let it set over night and used it friday. Did I do something wrong? I would appreciate any advice.
She respinded with a " we are shopping around for a cake and getting prices" so I told her "ok if you do decide to get it from me let me know with a few weeks notice so I can fully prepare", and that was it. This happened wednesday and haven't heard anything so I'm guessing she thought it was too much.
A girl I went to hs with asked for her friend so I thought I'd give it to them for 80 but all she responded with was ok. I think they think that cakes cost pennies to make. I come from a line of family and friends who want champagne on a beer budget.
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