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Thanks so much everyone for the info I also have another question : D how does one decide how much to charge per slice and does that amount also cover for the overhead etc or is that separate
Also how can you determine the overhead charges like when using the oven? Do you go by personal electric/gas bill?
No it's division :/
Has anyone found this formula helpful?? Cost divided by .2 = retail. It makes your ingredients 20% of the retail cost. Also I don't really understand it and I'm new at baking and I'm trying to find a way to charge people for my work, any help please.
A lady wants a small wedding off white fondant 2 tier cake with pearls and 3 flowers, I don't know what to charge, she wants two different prices for 4" with 6" and the other 2 tier is a 6" with 8" PLEASE HELP!!!
Thanks and I went ahead and made them fondant . Helped with the practice
Was wondering on opinions on edible or plastic decorations. I have a baby shower cake to make for tomorrow and I haven't started any of the decorations, I'm very new at cake making, since the cake is needed for tomorrow I'm dreading having to make the decorations and wanted to know if its okay to just use plastic, they want a pair of baby shoes, rattle, duck, also 3 bows, I'm not charging much for the cake since I'm new and also using it as practice and they are very aware...
Thanks so much for info and sorry for late reply, I'm still thinking if I should try the meringue powder lol but I'm leaning towards no since the egg powder didn't work for your mother : )
Has anyone ever tried to refrigerate or freeze this frosting? Does it do well in the heat? Are you able to substitute egg whites with meringue powder with this frosting?
Thanks a ton for the help 😃
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