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Thanks for the feedback! I agree that since the kids really love to them I can sacrifice the looks a little. Any tips on how to keep the limbs from falling off after they dry? Should I store them in a sealed container so they don't dry out completely? Or attach them with some type of edible glue? I use just water for smaller, lighter parts and dry spaghetti for bigger but when they dry out too much I've had things break and/or fall off. Thanks again!!!
I used spaghetti to attach some of the heads depending on the position they were in but not in the body. Should I have one as a main support in the body? Thanks!
Hi! I'd love some advice on my MMF figures. My first problem is that my figures are too soft and squash down while they are drying. Then once they are dry they seem to get too hard and I have problems with parts breaking off (for example, the feet and wings on penguins I made for my sons birthday). My kids eat the figures and love the way the MMF tastes so changing to regular fondant or adding anything that alters the taste is not an option. Is there another technique...
Quick follow-up question... If I'm doing the dog house as a topper on a single layer cake, do I need to worry about supporting it in any way or is it too small / low to be an issue? Thanks!
Thanks JanH for the warm welcome and helpful info!  I really appreciate you taking the time to post all those links!  I will check them out and post back here if I have any follow-up questions.  Thank you again!!!
I'm planning to tackle my first carved cake for my son's 3rd birthday - snoopy laying on top of his dog house. What is the best type of cake (and recipe!) for carving the dog house? It is a relatively simple shape and it won't be too big. (I want to do it as a topper and not a standalone cake.) Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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