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Thank you Crazy-Gray I will give that a go
Haha, we call them pot plants in Australia but yes a potted plant I never thought of using a different type of pasta, thank you! And I am guessing RKT should be fine seeing as it is edible. Thanks for the ideas
Thanks for the reply. Yes, all cake. I have a few months to play around and practice, if not it will have to be a pot plant
I am entering a novelty cake for a local cake show in the novice section. I'm planning on doing a 3 or 4 tier Peter Rabbit cake. I want the top tier to be a watering can. However, you cannot use skewers, wires, or toothpicks, styrofoam etc. Any ideas how to attach the spout to the watering can? I was going to make it solid. Are spaghetti and royal icing enough to hold it? Thank you
Can you use sugarveil in a mould like this one? Or will it be too deep... Thanks
How do I get this brushed look on a cake? I have seen a silver cake done with a wide brush and silver lustre on white ganache, but not sure if this is the same? Or if its painted airbrush colours? Or am I completely off track lol Thanks :)        
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