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thanks I will def look into the safety course.
yes that's what I'm doing now just practicing, I have a long way to go. Right now I mostly do for my own personal use or bake for family. I also took a cake decorating class but want to take a baking class.
@vgcea thank you for ypur response. I just want to male sure cause I dont want to be selling cupcakes and get sued! lol If I follow a recipe it usually will come out pretty good but sometimes I can follow a recipe exactly and it come out bad dont know why.
I want to start a cupcake business but I have no idea how to make mixes or lets say come up with my own recipe. I usually use the internet or boxed cakes to make stuff forpersonal use. Is it ok to use boxed cake mix if I want to sell cupcakes and maybe just tweek the mixes a little ?
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