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Thanks Rhiannon1060 that would seem to make sense, so that would be two layers plus filling I suppose
I see that many of you recommend Earlene's serving chart, it seems clear except one point it doesn't mention height of the cake, 2 x 1" layers etc, what do you all assume is implied (or did I miss something) - thanks
Thank you, thank you, I'm not sure if that's it, but if its not, it sounds like its close enough thank youa so much
Can anybody pleeeease help?   I was looking for a recipie for a good vanilla cake for carving and stacking, I found one not in the recipie section but in a thread, I have looked and looked trying to re trace my footsteps.   It was the best cake EVER, amazing, moist, dense but not heavy baked so even it barely needed levelling and the taste wow.   And now I can't find it, what I can remember was that it was a variation on WASC and it used Duncan Hines mix plus...
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