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spencers sells a pan of a mans part. its in the bachelorette section. you can also use 2 small round pans and small square and cut out the man part shape 
I made an LV purse (on my page) the logo I printed and cut out then I traced it on foam paper, using an exacto knife I cut out the logo I then glued it on a couple leftover square pieces of foam making it big enough to use as a stamp. U may want to make ur own stamp use it on gum paste let dry and paint with edible gold paint
U may want to look into vegan friendly cake recipe. I've made one before using applesauce and it was really good. HTH
on craftys the cake decorating course one of the teachers on there uses rubber stamps on the wooden block from Michaels...I doubt she would use something that wasnt food safe
very possible its the same as staking regular uncut cakes. just assemble as you would a regularr tiered cake and secure witha wooden dowl in the middle.
i use a piping bag. i made some strawberries yesterday with a drizzle affect. filled my pastry bag with melted chocolate made a very tiny snip atthe end and drizzled away!
rice cripsy treats!
I made a spreadsheet using Excel. I started my referral program last month using my most recent customers who have referred a lot of people and added those referrals to the spreadsheet. I do have guidelines that in order for the referral to count their name must be given before cake is either delivered or picked up. Idk if this helped.
Thank you I plan to order VERY soon!
Thank u all!!!!! 😀
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