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Time and practice that is what it takes along with a dose of talent.  I never thought I could do any of this until I started taking classes and then practice practice practice and I still think I am horrible but I get great reviews from my coworkers, neighbors and family... so stick with it and practice.
Do they all have to dark chocolate? Could you do a white chocolate and then pipe your colored batter in? Or maybe core the baked cupcake and fill with colored filling? Just random thoughts... good luck and let us know how it turns out.
I use cake mixes when I have no time... but that is few and far between... I really perfer scratch baking and would not do it any other way because I know what is in my cakes.
I really was shocked with the response that I got... but I have to agree I think they were jealous.  Thank you for the support.
I recently baked for work and had three different people ask me if I owned my own business and I explained that I was a hobby baker they then proceeded to ask me for my recipes and I explained that I do not give out my recipes because a) I spend a lot of time and money working them out as they are usually based on much older recipes and b) someday I would like to have my own business so I don't want to cut myself short... the attitude was crazy... I was told that I was...
Thanks Anna!!
As I collect and work from "antique" recipes I will not share my recipes with anyone.  I have been told that I am rude and disrespectful... but know the time, money and engery I put into getting these recipes just right I can not just hand them away.  I use to volunteer to make it for them if they purchase the ingredient and that is when they usually hit the roof.  So, I have just started with I don't give out my recipes... in a firm tone.
So sorry this happened to you... Is there any way that you could use them for something else so it is not an entire loss??
King Arthur is the only flour I use.  AP/Cake/Bread... I have found through trail and error that King Arthur is the very best.
I loved my Wilton classes, but then again I had a great instructor.  That is very key... I tried taking a different Wilton course over at AC Moore and the instructor sounded like Jennifer Tilly on steroids... it was horrible. So, I cam back to Michaels and my orginal instructor and she taught me a lot.  I can still go to her with questions.  So, make sure you like and can communicate with your instructor.
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