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I've been looking for a template just like this! seems everyone just has sandals and wedges and even boots now. But no peep toe THANKS SO MUCH!!!!! Your an Angel!!!
@AZCouture Id like it to be a size 6 maybe. big enough to see what i'm doing but not too big where it'll cover the entire cake.   Thanks @paperlace1.   I was hoping to get ahold of a template, or guide to do it from fondant/gumpaste and go from there.
OK, So I've actually looked at EVERY single post on shoe templates, even good, and did Pintrest even instagramed and asked questions left and right, North and South and I can't seem to get any REAL answers. So I turn to my trust Cake Central family.   I'm looking to make a shoe like this one,... go take a look... but I and I need a template of a closed toe platform.   There is 2 layers, The zebra print and the hot pink. I'm like 80% sure how I'd get this done or...
Hello Ladies and Gents! So I've been asked to make one of the following for a fellow music lover. A boom box or a cassette tape cake. Now normally I'd say I got this. BUT. My silly mind is drawing a blank. I have more or less an idea of what, or I should say where to start. But I can't seem to find any tutorials or How To pictures out there, nothing so far that are helpful. So I was wondering if you guys might have some awesome helpful tips I could use on this...
Hello Ladies and Gents.   I've been asked to make a boom box OR cassette tape cake for a music lover. I've found a couple of pictures I like but nothing that I LOVE so far. Nor any with a How To description. I was wondering if there were any tutorials or tips you might share that I might find helpful is this trip ahead.   Any "nice" tips will be greatly appreciated.   Thanks in advance to all!
That sounds about right. Ok, well thank you. Ill give it a try.
Hi all!   Well first off I'd like to say I'm new to the fondant/gum paste/cake/frosting world. But I'm loving every messy, sticky, cake falling apart house smelling like burnt vanilla bit of it! Oh and by the way...where was this site 6 months ago!?!..or where was I???? Oh thats right, paying way too much for an Angry Birds cake. :(   Second, I'm trying to make a snowy owl and I want to "stain" the white fondant a brown/black color but I'm not to sure how or...
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