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In my opinion, they aren't really as good after four days. Ebible? Sure. But I wouldn't sell any if they were more than even three days old. Maybe it depends on the recipe. If you are pressed for time near the event, consider freezing.
Thanks! Yes, I will definitely buy the package from Linda if I decide on the Cameo.
Thank you both! Lindsey, that's the best summation of the two that I have seen. I was getting the impression that the Cameo's main attraction was the Print and Cut. Thanks again!
Ok, so I have spent some time researching this and still have questions. Everyone is talking about the print and cut feature, so I can't figure out what I want to know... 1. Will this machine cut fondant? I want to avoid gum paste for taste reasons... 2. Do I have to have an edible printer? Will this machine not just cut out an image? I know this subject has been exhausted, but I can't seem to figure out if the Cameo is good for the above purposes. I would greatly...
Well, it finally dawned on me that my projector head was lower than the one in the picture, so I moved it up and it works!!! This thing is so cool now that I got it going!!!!
Yeah, it's in the prongs!
Yes, the image is printed in black ink, so I am not sure what's going on. I guess I will e-mail then! Thank you!
Was excited to open and assemble my new Kopykake for a project this week... Huge disappointment so far. I put a piece of paper with a word into the projector and I can't see it projected at all.   I have removed the protective film from the mirror, taped my paper onto firmer paper so it doesn't warp, and moved the lens up and down to try to get it to focus.   The "owner's manual" is one-page, and I tried googling, but apparently no one else has had this...
Are you talking about the gum paste mix?   If so, that stuff is terrible, IMO!   It takes a lot of time to knead in the powdered sugar, and it is very hard if you don't microwave it a few seconds every few minutes as you knead.   Also, it's not white! It's tan.   Plus, it stinks...smells like vinegar to me!   I really prefer the Wilton gumpaste that is already made even though it's more expensive.
This is the best advice right here. I have experience preparing tax returns (about to sit for the CPA exam), and the one thing you can be sure of is that if you get audited, you must have a receipt to back up all expenses you deducted.   You could try to do your tax return yourself, but it will take a long time if you are not familiar with the Code. It's not about math at all; it's learning what's deductible and where to put it on the forms. A software will put it in the...
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