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Thank you! Smckinney07, I have a range of cakes and do make mud cakes and fruit cakes but the most popular here is the Victoria sponge which I think is possibly the closest to white cake, it's just a sugar, butter, flour and egg mixture.
Hello!   I'm based in the UK and I have had an enquiry from an American bride to be who is marrying an English guy here in Suffolk next year. She's coming here for Christmas and wants to meet to chat about her wedding cake. She has asked whether I make American white cake, I have heard of it but have never ever made it myself and was just wondering if any of you would be willing to share a recipe or  give me any hints or tips, for example, is it suitable for tiered,...
Thank you for the link Goreti, the template worked beautifully, will definitely use it again if I'm ever gvien the opportunity to do another ballet cake
I've seen this posted many times, and even saw a tv programme about a monthe ago where they compared a Mary Berry cake (made with Stork) to a Michel Roux Jnr cake made with butter and Mary's came out tops! I daren't stray from butter having said that, my cakes are still light and fluffy, the flavour is buttery and the ingredients are more natural. It's wahtever you're comfortable with I guess!
I use Renshaw's white and colour it with Sugarflair pastes, some might say it's a chore but you get the shade you want. If I'm colouring it black I sometimes mix in a small pack of the ready mixed black to start the process. Renshaw's white (Regalice) has always worked well for me but I'm hearing good things about Carma Massa too although it comes with a higher price tag.
Thank you KimiKoKo, it's a round cake with a pair of ballet shoes on the top but i imagine the 3d cake looked fantastic!
Thank you, I'll have a look now : )
Would anyone be kind enough to point me in the direction of a ballet shoe tutorial, please! I need to make a pair for Saturday and was wondering where to start! Thank you, Helen x
Rosy red apples always look cute for teacher themed cakes, how about making lots of little red apples from fondant, use a leaf cutter for the leaves. They could easily be placed on the cake in the shape of a number 25 with a plaque on the front with the teacher's name on it?
Where are you based? I use callebaut chocolate callets here in the uk, the white, milk and plain work beautifully.
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