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Does anyone have any links to good tutorials for making fondant, gum paste, or modeling chocolate figures on cakes?  I've made figures before, but I want to make them look better.  If it helps to know one of the figures I want to make is the mad hatter.
I made a teddy bear recently, I used a sort of pointed pick-like tool and scratched into the fondant. It pushed the fondant so that it actually looked fuzzy as opposed to just looking like it had a bunch of lines in it.
You can try rolling different pieces of fondant together...I dont know how well that would work though   And you should use food color to paint it
   I've painted on fondant a few times with icing color.  It comes out pretty good.
It never has for me, it just makes it kind of sticky for a little while.
They say it can make the fondant "sweat" so its kind of shiny.  However I always put my fondant cakes in the fridge, and I've never had a problem. 
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