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Yes, i do and i plan to try that next go around. What i did do was use a spatula to sort of knead the powder sugar and marshmellows until it was out of the sticky stage because i hate that stage. Im not sure if it was ok to do but it worked out.
This site is really helping me a lot on the business level. If you start figuring all of your cost and considering the time you put in you will probably want to go up on your prices.
Wow! Some people...
I make alcohol infused cakes and one i hate is "what if i supply my own liquor? Can i get the virgin price?"
Thanks for the tip! I did make some and it turned out well but kneading was a pain, literally!
Wow, thank you sooo much for telling me that because i had absolutely no clue about that and copyright. I see so many people doing it but i will def use caution. As far as how much it would all cost and all that i would really have to do some figuring. I do know that it would take a while given i would have to bake all the cakes, allow them to cool, i bake everything from scratch and my frostings are from scratch. I also use pure vanilla and vanilla beans. Then the fondant...
Hi everyone! I have a question for you. I am always trying make sure that I price my cakes and cupcakes. Recently someone emailed asking for a quote. This person wanted a 10 inch round Minnie Mouse cake (covered in fondant) and 20 cupcakes featuring Mickey Mouse Club House characters. Now, for something like that I usually charge $2.60 per cupcake HOWEVER when you order by the dozen I charge $2.08 per cupcake. This person specified that they exactly 20 cupcakes so I...
Ok. Thank you! I will keep that tip in mind about the powdered sugar, for sure!
Hi! I was wondering if anyone had the recipes to fondant (i have been reading about rhonda's and michelle foster's)? It seems as if every link i try turns up as an error. Thank you in advance!
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