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Someone who has never touched a cake can probably tell that this doesn't feed 20 people, but way more! The customer wanted this exact cake priced out. I find it funny because people have no clue what they ask for when they contact cake decorators. She wants all fondant, with fondant figures, to feed 20 people but the size to look like the pic! I replied with "what is your budget, because this cake is extremely detailed" and she never replied. People just have no idea and I...
Thank y'all! I didn't miss the memo about the thread with cake pricing so thanks for that as well. As you can tell, I do not get on often! Just a little laugh for y'all.... She wants the cake to feed 20 people
Looking at this cake, what would you charge for it? All fondant. I have a client who wants it and it looks like a lot of detail!! I know it's going to be up there, I just wanted to give this customer an accurate price! Champagne taste on a beer budget I am thinking Thanks in advance!
Do any of you use a cricut to cut out your fondant decorations? If so, which model is your machine and what do you have to have to go with it! Example: paper, ink, etc. Thanks!
She says that her and her husband got a nasty divorce and her and her son just want to get out of town and move! I will definitely as for an inspection!!!
I recently found an ad on a website that a local bakery was selling their refrigerated display case as well as a small tabletop warmer. The warmer's brand is super chef? I have all the details listed. I emailed her to see what brand the cooler was and she did not know off hand. She wants $2000 for the large display case and tabletop. The tabletop retails for $650, but i am unsure about the case. Do you think this is a good deal? I do! I just want to make...
  If you were doing this cake In a 6" Round, 9" Round, and 12" Round What would Your price be?? Thanks :)
I have to do a giant cupcake next week. I ordered the wilton cupcake pan and boy it is huge, but what I expected I would like advice as far as what #t tips to use when dealing with buttercream icing for the cupcake icing and for the "paper" or the base of the cupcake. Also, how do you pipe onto the base of the cupcake with all the vertical grooves?! Any tips will help! Thanks
A plastic/fake one!
Anyone know of a website or store where I could buy a small duck call to put on a hunting cake?! Thanks 
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