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We had a small wedding (50 guests) and a small menu for people to choose from rather than a set dish placed in front of you.  One of our guests was, and still is, a die hard vegetarian, so one of our main courses was vegetarian.  The really surprising thing was that a lot of the guests went for this choice, even though most of them had not tried true vegetarian before and really enjoyed it. Keep in mind this was 31 years ago and a lot of people thought that vegetarians...
Great to see everyone and their cakes.  Welcome to all the new guys that I haven't seen before.  I don't have a cake as I have just got back from holidays.  Unlike you poor yanks we get 4 weeks off a year so hubby and I have been sitting out the bush doing nothing much except for bushwalking and eating and reading.  The wildflowers were out and looked spectacular.  The variety and extent of the West Australian flowers have to be seen to be believed.  Took photos, thinking...
oh and Montreal confections has some really good You Tube videos
Here's another one
It would be interesting to hear from someone who has one why they think it is better.  Could be like the difference between using a knife and an Agbay.
AZ why don't you start off the roll playing by being a typical difficult client.  I don't have a business and I would be blunt to the point of just saying NO so I am not much use here.
Sorry cakecoachonline but I think that saying was just invented to make people feel better.  Don't think it applies to real life.
Pop one in your mouth and it is quite obvious that they are not chocolate.  A whole cake covered in them -- yew, makes me shiver just thinking of how disgusting it would be.  It's that same old adage again, 'You get what you pay for'. Except that they are quite expensive where I live!!!!
I would guess that your Cake machine has newer software in it that blocks the use of SCAL.  Most of us who are still using SCAL with our Cricut machines have made sure that we don't update our software, as by all accounts once you do this SCAL will not work.
Lots of people say we should start a thread on this but it never seems to happen so I am going to start it off with a recent experience.   I was going to do the wedding cake for friends later on in the year, but due to family circumstances I have had to pull out of the commitment.  The friend brought me a picture of the SIMPLE cake his wife wants, and the quote price that they received from a local business, wondering if we could do the entire cake in advance and freeze...
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