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Happy Birthday to both Cat and Chelle.  That cake looks scrumptious.  You are so lucky Cat that you don't have to share it with a whole pile of people.   Chelle, I should copy your car for my hubby.  It's as close to getting a ferrari as he is ever likely to get.   So much patience, Julia, cutting out all those Batman pieces.   And I must say, Matty, that I absolutely love all the bright colors in your cake.  Might do one like that for myself and dub it Happy...
It was a sad day when we were told that we were no longer allowed to love our golliwogs because that made us racist.  What child thinks in these terms of a beloved toy.  Innocence becomes racism by the teachings of adults.
...and that top surface often goes crusty as well and tastes extra delicious.
I have a laser thermometer.  It is a lot of fun but I would not trust it for cooking.  I shoot temps around the house and outside.  It only measures the surface temp of things so in a pot it will measure the top surface, which can vary quite a bit from further down in the pot.  I did test it against my thermopen and my candy thermometer when I first got it.
Vicki, if you buy a printer it will come with normal ink cartridges.  Sell these or use in another printer if you have one they are compatible with.  You will then need to buy special food color cartridges to replace them.  These are available from many sources, cake decorating shops etc but www.icingimages does specialise in this field and are wonderful at answering questions.
Right on the mark, Winniemog.
Disgusting things.  What a waste of my very expensive chocolate and delicious cake offcuts.  Even those could not make them taste good enough to eat.
I have steamed many flowers on wires before but never ones with no wires.  I have over 100 frangipanis that I have dusted yellow and now plan to add pink to their backs.  How do I steam them over a boiling jug without them having a mark where held from tweezers or burning my fingers?  And when I put them down they will be damp so how do I stop them marking where they sit in the foam?  Normally they would hang on wires and not touch anything and it is not a...
Thanks for the thoughts everyone.  D day is Friday coming for Dad.  I just don't have a good feeling about it.  Hopefully it is just in my head.   Chelle your cake is beautiful.
I thought Barney would be dead and buried by now.  I made a Barney cake for my daughter about 18 years ago. Yours looks great, Julia.    Get better quick Cat.   Did you enjoy putting on all those spots, Morgan.  I would have needed the champagneDad is having a after all them.   No pics for me this week.  Am in the middle of making over 100 frangipanis for my friends wedding.  Was doing the cake and then was not doing the cake, due to family problems.  Now, another...
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