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I would use whipped cram, tinted green and maybe flavoured to suit your cheesecakes.  Leave your decorations off until you are ready to take them out of the fridge for displaying and eating soon after.  It will only take you a few minutes to add those decorations.
It is the whitest 'whipped cream' I have ever seen.
I think dark rum would go well in Mimi's cake as well, winniemog.   MB can you substitute more butter for the crisco.  Even if I could buy it locally (which I can't) I still would not want to use it in my cakes.  I am a good example for the 'Butter Tastes Better' campaign that was run here in Australia a few years back.
Ha, now this will cause confusion in my tired brain over whether to post here or in Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.  I think I will go and eat some fruitcake and ponder.
We all have different taste buds.  And believe me there is no accounting for taste in some people.  You will know your workmates better than us here and whether or not you can foist the cupcakes off on them.  Some people may think they are wonderful
Aileen your butterflies are magnificent.  May I ask what they are made of and did you hand paint them?
I agree it looks yum, but my recipe produces a very dark fruitcake that is more fruit than cake.  I personally prefer dark fruit cakes.  Not sure how well the light ones keep, maybe someone can chirp in with an answer.  The dark ones will keep for months and months and months.  That is of course only if you can resist eating them.
....and you can even get coloured wire so that she can still feel like she is trendy, rather than a home-made geek.
Ha, Ha.  I got breathalized once at 3pm (school in Victoria used to finish at 3.30).  I rather bemusedly asked the cop if she ever actually got anyone at that time of day and she laughed and said, "You would not believe how many.  The Mum's go to the pub for lunch and suddenly remember that they have to pick the kids up from school and jump in their cars.   Winniemog I carved all my Christmas cakes into a termite mound so I had heaps of leftover bits.  I was SOOOO well...
I don't trust a skew when I make fruit cakes as I found the results too unpredictable.  I have a very fine knife that I stick in the middle.
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