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Check out  They have some fabulous large cutters.
Wether or not you need to pipe an outline depends on what you want you bickie to look like and how runny you make your royal/glace icing.
It's probably the cold MB.  All that shivering for the poor little egg is making it lose weight!
I live in a world where people have never heard of SMBC so they think I am a magician.
As said above, Australian shows have different categories for different levels.  Someone who sells cakes, has been doing cakes for more than a certain number of years, or who even posts a picture of their cake on a social media site is no longer considered a novice and must enter the next section up.  This leaves the beginners section for real beginners.  The children have their own section as well.  With a lot of areas struggling for entries it would be a real shame if...
Gold petal dust with vodka   Rainbow Dust metallic food paint-gold
Hubby asked " Is this aimed at all us husbands out there?"
Hmmm National Fruitcake Day.  Are you sure they are referring to actual cakes and not Nutters?
Lemon is great too in melting moments.  I am just a a passionfruit addict.  My recipe actually has lemon icing in them.
Possibly some rainbow dust metallic food paint for the top metallic looking layer
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