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Yuck, almond bark sounds like candy melts from what I read when I looked it up.  I say go with good chocolate.  But then I'm not paying am I.  ( Note:  I do always try to use good chocolate)
I also use 'The Mat' from Sweetwise.  I love it.  For 20 years I rolled on the bench and then around a large wooden dowel for transferring to the cake as that was what was available.  I did buy a Wilton mat and junked it almost straight away.  Hated it.  A mat is not a necessity but it does make life a lot easier and I went from hating putting the fondant on cakes to not minding.
Cat, I have done simple cookies before, then bought the craftsy class on cookie decorating.  These owls are one of the classes.  Really simple and have given me a lot more confidence as they look so effective. 
I am pretty certain that the mob at have a silicone onlay with that pattern.  I think that is where I bought mine.  I tried to check the site for you but my computer is being useless.
Great cakes guys.  I especially like your box troll megpi.  I have not seen one of those before.  Is it hand painted on?   Sorry to hear about your Mum, James.  I missed that one.  Might have been whilst I was away.  Cake fixes most things, but not that sort of pain.   Have not had time to do much since I returned but made these bickies this last week.  Took them up the hill to the kids and when I turned the corner, in the car, the cake plate flipped over and they all...
These divots quite often occur when too much water is added to the royal icing.  I learned this the hard way, too.
........... I can only dream about cake until I lose all this bloody weight I have put on!
We had a small wedding (50 guests) and a small menu for people to choose from rather than a set dish placed in front of you.  One of our guests was, and still is, a die hard vegetarian, so one of our main courses was vegetarian.  The really surprising thing was that a lot of the guests went for this choice, even though most of them had not tried true vegetarian before and really enjoyed it. Keep in mind this was 31 years ago and a lot of people thought that vegetarians...
Great to see everyone and their cakes.  Welcome to all the new guys that I haven't seen before.  I don't have a cake as I have just got back from holidays.  Unlike you poor yanks we get 4 weeks off a year so hubby and I have been sitting out the bush doing nothing much except for bushwalking and eating and reading.  The wildflowers were out and looked spectacular.  The variety and extent of the West Australian flowers have to be seen to be believed.  Took photos, thinking...
oh and Montreal confections has some really good You Tube videos
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