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mrnumoo vodka is fine to use as long as you don't mind 50 drunk kids rampaging through your house during the party.  Seriously, though, Vodka is fine.  The amount that you will use to clean your fondant should be minuscule.
Bluehue your statement about 99% of us Aussies freeze our mud cakes threw me for 6.  Until I came on this site I had never met/heard of anyone who froze their mud cakes.
Julia 1812 the problem with embracing all sizes is that it is not healthy.  The western world is known for its obesity, which causes massive health problems.  People just don't want to acknowledge what is happening and, certainly in Australia, the health system looks after them so there is no push for people to change in a lot of cases.Its not necessarily in big ways either.  e.g..  How many overweight people have knee problems, or back problems, that would be alleviated...
...and if you cover the cake with ganache use a hot knife to smooth out any small dents once the ganache has hardened.
I must have a small mind then, MBm because I am always experimenting and trying new recipes.  I can have the best recipe for something but if I see the same thing made slightly differently then I will want to try that.  It has driven my family nuts for years as they can't understand why I don't just stick to the same recipe if it works.
I have a couple of acrylic strips taped together to make the thickness I like.  I bought them years ago for marking different heights on the sides of cakes and hated them for that.  The work a treat for rolling bickies to and even thickness, though.
...and while you are improving the kids won't even notice that their cake isn't perfect and neither probably will the family.  And if they do and complain then they don't deserve your cakes.
....ahhh, but what do they taste like?
It sucks worse being overweight forever
I am really wondering about what that black velvet cake would taste like considering that it has a whole bottle of black food colour.  YUK.
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