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I'm not quite sure as I'm not in the US and I know prices vary between states anyway but it sounds a bit expensive to me it is a really simple cake, specially if you are not getting the ribbon or flowers
There is a couple of websites in Ireland that sell candymelts, I cant think of the names right now but Im sure they would deliver to Uk also, not too sure but think two of them are, and
I have never done it myself in such a large piece on fondant, I'm sure if you google or look in youtube you will find something helpful, if I were to do it I'd probably put the glitter on the fondant after it was rolled before putting it on the cake but this could be an absolutely wrong way of doing it, sorry couldn't help you anymore.
I cant see the pic very clearly but it seems to me that some tiers have luster and the other ones glitter
I'm not sure how much 60 dollars is ( I live in Ireland) but I'm betting it probably wouldn't even cover the cost of ingredients and materials!!!!!
I actually did laugh out loud at your comment!!!! love it!!
I'm in Ireland and I've had that same probllem before I find that rubbing some veg fat ( it has to be white) it helps alot of the times, if you are working on the same bit of fondant for quite a while the heat from your fingers can dry it out and crack it but the veg fat keeps it moist.
I do beat it for a VERY long time ( i have never act timed it) but I like my btc quite fluffy, its just the butter I buy is pure yellow, this does not bother me for filling in cakes etc but as sometimes I find royal icing a bit hard to work with I was wondering how so many got their btc so white when mine is always yellow, I reallu dont want to change my recipe as it is very nice and tasty so I will try some of the suggestions about adding violet etc, ty :)
Wow I cant believe the lenghts some ppl go to for a free cake!!!! its shocking you cant really trust anybody now a days, can you?
I suppose it depends a lot of where you live, I see here a few ppl cant use just fondant because of the humidity, I have never had this problem, maybe just try with a  few small balls of fondant, 50/50 and just gumpaste it wont cost you much and give you a better idea of long it will take for them to set and exactly how hard they get.
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