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Do any of you have a preferred gumpaste to use in this sort of humidity? I had a figurine sitting for over 5 days to dry, only to have it fall apart on the delivery day (Saturday in this humidty) - luckily the recipient was a friend and she had planned to laquer it anyway as a memento. I had used Satin Ice and Tylose. The outside was really hard, but the centre was still soft, and as soon as I touched it the fondant started to sweat. 
I used, and - both are very good resources. I would love to do the courses that you speak of, but they are either too expensive or not available at TAFE. I use youtube and websites because of this, but if given the option I would certainly do a pastry course - no question.
I have only recently been making cakes and decorating them. Youtube and cakecentral have been my guides through the whole process. Honestly, there is almost a video for every part of cake making that you can think of, and recipes all over the net. The best part is that you can pick and choose the ones that you like :-)
I agree, that's funny- I'm going to be using this as an explanation for glitter in the future!
I'm the same as cazza1, so many ideas are spawned from reading the forums that I have no idea where to start. I have started to practice flower building using some of the tutorials posted here, hopefully I can get the hang of it.   Modelling figures will be my next challenge I think - no cakes on the near horizon fortunately so it's practice time.
Got it in one Godot - common sense should prevail in most cases. I'm certain that most of us ate worse stuff when we were kids - and a lot more frequently! Cake is a after all a sometimes food :-) PS - most items are but only one molecule from being another product - such as water to alcohol. I am tired of that myth as well.
I'm hoping that most of the threads still work since the links were put up. I'm off out now to get some paste to give these a try. I'm sure there is many other new sites now that can be googled or linked off of. Thanks for the list :-)
Satin Ice is nice to use, and I found easy in the humid weather. I haven't tried Orchard, but would like to give it a go if it is cheaper (and doesn't use palm oil.) I used Bakels, both black and blue, but found them to become sticky very quickly - which is no good in the Brisbane weather.
Funnily enough I was just thinking about experimenting with gum paste and learn how to use it properly about two hours ago. Something must be pointing me in that direction. Thanks for the list.
Ganache is wonderful to use, and being from Qld, Australia it's a must. Just remember to use 3:1 white choc to cream ratio as opposed to 2:1 with a darker choc. Inspired by Michelle has very good ganache tutorials on youtube that may be helpful.
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