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Yeah I got my Wilton tips a little over a year ago. I got the tips in the ultimate caddy package. The tips I use most commonly the finish is gone and shows browning. When I wash my tips I have to dry them instantly or they would rust.
I currently have wilton. but I want to get an ateco set. They're stainless steel so they wont rust like the wilton tips. :D
Thanks you for the info sweet shop. It could be that's it's too oily. I've heard that you only need a very miniscule amount of shortening to season it. I'll wipe off as much as I can and try again. I still have a bit of the older fondant left.
Hello fellow bakers I just recently bought the mat and I love the way it works. The problem is not with the application of the fondant, but after the fondant Is already placed. After covering the cake in fondant I notices that the exterior is slightly tacky so I had to use gloved hands to smooth. And after about 24 hrs, the fondant was very shiny and sticky! I've always used Liz Marek's Fondant and just recently started using Indydebi's Buttercream (It's very delicious...
Is it possible to make your rainbow cake marble style? make enough batter to fit in one pan and separate the batter 6 ways and color them the colors of the rainbow. like this cake I made. it was a 9 inch round though :)
Hello baker I just watched global sugar art's new You tube video on how to torte and fill a cake. He said if you were making a tiered or wedding cake, use a rope of fondant as the dam instead of butter cream because of its weight. Has anyone else heard of this or used this method? Thanks in advance
Sorry but if I could add another question. But when you wrap the cake layers only in plastic wrap, do you wrap it tightly? I thought that would squish the cake or mis-shape it. The same question to crumb coated cakes. Wouldn't that mess up the icing and straight edges wrapping it like that? Thanks for the help
If you're referring to the Walmart brand that's called plymouth pantry almond bark, don't sweat it. That's just the name of the brand! It sounds weird but its just good ole milk and white chocolate.
With the angry birds cake I made I used toll house semisweet chips and it came out beautifully! I haven't made white chocolate ganache before but if I were to try it, I would try white chocolate chips or Plymouth Pantry brand from Walmart. It's pretty good and they sell the bark year round. Hth
Thanks for the insight mcaulir. I haven't had the chance to try out white chocolate ganache. If anything I thought it would be really rich like most white chocates. Good to know
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