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it is a birthday cake for twins that are 7 and they have never had a birthday party before, and not a great mother that they have to live with. the step mom is doing this for the girls and I really want it to be great for them because it is like their first bithday, or at least their first birthday party.
yeah i am not real excited about it, but i have looked on line and found people that made volcano cakes and it worked well Im going to try it out today to see if it works before I make this huge cake
I know i have put a lot in my post but I really need some help. Moist cake is a big thing my cake was dry and I dont want that... any help on that
Hello everyone, I am new to the cake world and self taught one everything so far....I am a little scared I have a four tear cake that I have to make by sunday, and now the mother wants it to smoke from the top of the cake and have each tear off set.  My thought was to yuse pvc pipe down the center of the cake with cap at the bottom so the water would not come out.  what does everyone think.  I am freaking out :) each layer is also different. one other thing what is the...
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