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thank you to those that are not rude!! I am doing this for a friend that wants to pay me that is why I have asked the question. guess I should have made that clear.  I do this for a hobby...sorry if you pros got offened by me asking a question
Thank you Jan, I am glad I am on the right track. 
Thank you I will look into it.  I found how to make bubbles out of gelatin, with ballons so that is what i was going to try just with a bigger ballon. 
ok guys really need help with this one, I am making a 4 tear all black foundant with red and silver decorations wedding cake next month and I have no idea what to charge for this, Really I have no idea how to price any of my cakes. Im just starting out and have only been making cakes for family and friends.  Can anyone help with some ideas
hello everyone!!! does anyone know how to make a gelatin snow globe for a cake topper.  I have an idea just want to see if anyone has any ideas.  I have not been able to find anything on google or youtube. 
Thank you very much very helpful
thank you and yes that is what it means, I was able to find it on here after alittle digging. but now I dont know weather to make from scratch or use the box recipe. if anyone has any ideas please let us know
I know this may be a stupid  questions to most, but i am just getting in to the cake world and it is all self tought, so Im just trying to find out what this new language is Please help :)
Hello everyone, I was reading a post about the gourmet flavors and many of y'all said that you use the WASC as a base, I am just wondering what does that stand for? and what is it?
What is the best way to stablize the cake when I off set it?
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